Herndon Inc Erosion Control Specialist-2


Herndon Inc. offers hydroseeding to help prevent soil erosion from damaging your landscaped areas. Using a combination of seed, fertilizer, and hydro-mulch, we spray the mixture over bare soil to keep the soil in place so it can promote germination and growth. Hydroseeding is a quick and cost-effective method of preventing soil erosion while applying necessary soil amendments. With multiple types of hydro-mulch, we can easily cover flat areas and sloped areas to properly reduce erosion effects.

Our fleet includes various sizes of mounted hydroseeder trucks and trailers ranging from 1000 gallon units up to 3500 gallons. This allows us to access different types of areas as well as quickly meet the needs of our customers.

Keep soil erosion at a minimum with hydroseeding. Contact us today to request a free quote or estimate.